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02 May 2017 | 12:47

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Britain is about jump off a cliff, led by our Prime Minister, Theresa May, who is completely deluded about Brexit.

Anyone who doubts this only has to read an account of the disastrous dinner in London last week between Mrs May and Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission.

Senior members of the British and EU negotiating teams were also there.

It was a train crash. According to the Commission, the dinner went terribly wrong. EU negotiators left after the desserts incredulous at their introduction to the fantasy world of Mrs May and her administration.

The dinner took place last Wednesday and it was an unmitigated disaster – not for the EU, but for Britain.

Just how badly it went has only just been published by the printed edition of the German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (known affectionately as FAZ).

Unfortunately, there is no online version of the article, nor an English translation.

But Jeremy Cliffe, The Economist’s Berlin bureau chief, has tweeted the main points from the FAZ report. He Tweeted last night:

“Today's FAZ report on May's disastrous dinner with Juncker - briefed by senior Commission sources - is absolutely damning.”

In a series of 30 separate Tweets he summarised what happened:

1) May had said she wanted to talk not just Brexit but also world problems; but in practice it fell to Juncker to propose one to discuss.

2) May has made clear to the Commission that she fully expects to be reelected as PM.

3) It is thought [in the Commission] that May wants to frustrate the daily business of the EU27, to improve her own negotiating position.

4) May seemed pissed off at Davis for regaling her dinner guests of his ECJ case against her data retention measures - three times.

5) EU side were astonished at May's suggestion that EU/UK expats issue could be sorted at EU Council meeting at the end of June.

6) Juncker objected to this timetable as way too optimistic given complexities, eg on rights to health care.

7) Juncker pulled two piles of paper from his bag: Croatia's EU entry deal, Canada's free trade deal. His point: Brexit will be v v complex.

8) May wanted to work through the Brexit talks in monthly, 4-day blocks; all confidential until the end of the process.

9) Commission said impossible to reconcile this with need to square off member states & European Parliament, so documents must be published.

10) EU side felt May was seeing whole thing through rose-tinted-glasses. "Let us make Brexit a success" she told them.

11) Juncker countered that Britain will now be a third state, not even (like Turkey) in the customs union: "Brexit cannot be a success".

12) May seemed surprised by this and seemed to the EU side not to have been fully briefed.

13) She cited her own JHA opt-out negotiations as home sec as a model: a mutually useful agreement meaning lots on paper, little in reality.

14) May's reference to the JHA (justice and home affairs) opt-outs set off alarm signals for the EU side. This was what they had feared.

15) ie as home sec May opted out of EU measures (playing to UK audience) then opted back in, and wrongly thinks she can do same with Brexit

16) "The more I hear, the more sceptical I become" said Juncker (this was only half way through the dinner)

17) May then insisted to Juncker et al that UK owes EU no money because there is nothing to that effect in the treaties.

18) Her guests then informed her that the EU is not a golf club

19) Davis then objected that EU could not force a post-Brexit, post-ECJ UK to pay the bill. OK, said Juncker, then no trade deal.

20) ...leaving EU27 with UK's unpaid bills will involve national parliaments in process (a point that Berlin had made *repeatedly* before).

21) "I leave Downing St ten times as sceptical as I was before" Juncker told May as he left

22) Next morning at c7am Juncker called Merkel on her mobile, said May living in another galaxy & totally deluding herself

23) Merkel quickly reworked her speech to Bundestag to include her now-famous "some in Britain still have illusions" comment

24) FAZ concludes: May in election mode & playing to crowd, but what use is a big majority won by nurturing delusions of Brexit hardliners?

25) Juncker's team now think it more likely than not that Brexit talks will collapse & hope Brits wake up to harsh realities in time.

26) What to make of it all? Obviously this leak is a highly tactical move by Commission. But contents deeply worrying for UK nonetheless.

27) The report points to major communications/briefing problems. Important messages from Berlin & Brussels seem not to be getting through.

28) Presumably as a result, May seems to be labouring under some really rather fundamental misconceptions about Brexit & the EU27.

29) Also clear that (as some of us have been warning for a while...) No 10 should expect every detail of the Brexit talks to leak.

30/30) Sorry for the long thread. And a reminder: full credit for all the above reporting on the May/Juncker dinner goes to the FAZ.

All this demonstrates that Mrs May and her team are not offering “strong and stable leadership” as she has repeated, robot fashion, in the last few days.

Theresa May's position is weak. She seems perilously unstable as a leader. She is leading Britain over the edge of a cliff.

In the General Election on 8 June we have an opportunity to stop her. Or at the very least, to deny her the landslide majority that she so covets.

But if Mrs May wins a huge majority, it seems highly likely that the landslide will result in disaster, with Britain languishing at the bottom of the cliffs, alone, and out at sea.

• Words and graphic by Jon Danzig

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