Today between "job12.co.uk” represented by Daniel Kalinov, the agreement called FIRST PARTY and

the CANDIDATE/EMPLOYER (users seeking or offering work and registered in job12.co.uk) called in this agreement SECOND PARTY hereby conclude the following agreement:


            1. FIRST PARTY shall provide the Second Party's right to use database web site solely for their own real, personal needs, specifically related to finding a job, offering a job and are not associated with commercial purposes.


            1. The first part is the data controller and as such can receive and administer for such brokering. Misuse of your personal information is prohibited by law to protect personal data. In finding of abuse Second Party shall inform the first party immediately.

            2. In case of doubt or lack of "III Rights and obligations of the second party ", Art 7, then the first party may at its sole discretion refuse registration if the registration is done and it may be canceled.

            3. First Party reserves the right to add new services, change or eliminate existing services without a need of notice to the Second Party.

            4. The first party is not responsible for content control of ads and is not mediator in the relationship between the employer and the candidate. The second party is obliged to exercise due care for the content of the ad and the use of information published on the website.

            5. First Party shall use the website for free and in order to find work pr to offer work.




             1. Before the site registration applicant must be at least 18 years old to register. People between 16 and 18 years are required to have permission from the labor office before  they apply for a job under the Labor Code, subject to review.

            2. Upon registration Second Party undertakes to provide truthful and accurate information about themselves by filling out an objective and complete form of all required fields on the web site.
            3. The second party (applicant) shall, upon registration provide information about themselves, such as: e-mail (e-mail), password access, names, addresses, telephone, GSM and others.

(1) The second party agrees to receive messages from job12.co.uk promotional purposes or advertising of vacant positions at the website. Second Party may withdraw from the receipt of such messages, unsubscribe by using the service.

            4. The Second Party shall not use the online registration as:

(1) send advertising materials and / or communications;

(2) apply or post a job without  intention of starting one or accepting a candidate.

(3) apply to a job that does not meet the conditions specified in the advertisement.

(4) change and / or modify the database and / or programming codes set in job12.co.uk, and subpages on the same website;

(5) tries to extract personal gain, providing incorrect or false information to a third party.

(6) Software used to derive any benefit or any information from the web site.

(7) unlawfully enters or attempts to enter the database of the website;

(8) collect any information from any website as E-mail, phone numbers, names, etc..

(9) and disseminate information on the website or related website materials

(10) sends spam messages to other candidates and / or employers;

(11) transmits viruses, worms, bugs, Trojan horses or any other destructive elements;

            5. Second Party shall indemnify the first party for damages incurred as a result of violation of Art. 4 or when a claim is made by a third party against the first side, which is related to the actions or omissions of the second party using the website www.job12.co.uk.

            6. Second Party shall indemnify the first party of the claims raised, which entered into force of any kind related to the second party, including costs incurred, sentencing proceedings damages and / or legal services. Second Party shall have the right to be informed promptly in writing by the first part of art. 5 and Article 6.

             7. Second Party undertakes not to use obscene and / or offensive language, and using threatening, sexually-oriented and / or offend other users of website language. Failure to comply with Article 7 First Party has the right to delete the profile of second party without notice and does not allow re-registration.

    8. Resumes and cover letters, photos.

         (1) The first party provides to the second party the opportunity to create and / or upload your resume, information about you company, logo etc,  and keep it in the database of the website.

         (2) The first party does not give third parties access to the CV, but provision of such services in the future may be done, this will be done only with the express consent of the second party.

         (3) Upon request for assistance from second party for writing and creating a resume / cover letter, the second party may request the assistance of the first party, arrange a preliminary meeting. Support for writing and creating and writing a resume / cover letter is free.


1. Prices negotiated for services performed under this contract will be invoiced and will be paid weekly.

2. Service to use the website for the second party is completely free except in the cases where the second party wants to post an ad or purchase a package for VIP ads.

        V. PENALTIES

            1. According to Article 2 of Chapter VI. CONFIDENTIAL.


            1. FIRST PARTY shall not disclose personal information of the second party, unless it is related to the prosecution and / or at the request of the authorities in the UK.

            2. Second Party undertakes not to disclose to third parties information obtained as a result of registering on the website or received in any other way. Failure to comply with Article 2 of Chapter VI. CONFIDENTIALITY, the First Party shall be entitled to damages from 5000 GBP


1. The first party may terminate the agreement in gross violation of this Agreement and the terms on it.

2. Upon request from the second party to terminate the registration and technical problems and / or causes, as well as failing to register for a longer period of time are determined and published on the web site.
            3. The first party reserves the right to terminate, which have been registered and accessible in - any time at the discretion of the First Party, regardless of the terms of this agreement. The first party may cancel the registration without prior notice and / or reason.


            1. Second Party agrees to use the website solely at their own risk and assumes that the Firts Party  is not liable for any arising during the use of the site material or immaterial damage.
            2. The first party is not responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, content, completeness, legality, performance or availability of published information on the website or materials.

            3. The first party is not responsible for the behavior of individual candidates and employers.

            4. The first party is not responsible for technical problems that preclude access to the site of the applicant.

            5. First Party reserves the right to change this Agreement at any time, and publish it on the web site.

(1) With the publication of the agreement and its change Second Party agrees to such changes shall take effect immediately after its publication.
            6. In case of questions and / or requests under this Agreement, of the Second Party shall be given to: Daniel Kalinov,  begin_of_the_skype_highlightingend_of_the_skype_hi e-mail: info@job12.co.uk

            7. In the event that disputes arise related to the settlement of claims under this Agreement will be resolved by the jurisdiction in which the first party is registered.

            8. Both parties agree that any changes to this Agreement will be posted on the web site and the change shall come into effect from the date of publication.

            9. Any use of the FIRST PARTY services of the SECOND PARTY requires the consent of the SECOND PARTY to this Agreement, which shall be considered for use in Sofia, Bulgaria under Bulgarian law. Any legal disputes arising from this Agreement will be resolved in a Bulgarian court and under Bulgarian law.


1. Definitions

            (1) The term "Site" and / or "website" refers to the domain name and the site www.job12.co.uk, owned by "Anons Agency 2011" Ltd., with registered address: 1527 Sofia, bul "Vasil Levski" 112 Person: Daniel Kalinov. VAT number: 201639490, Address: 1527 Sofia, "Vasil Levski" 112

Current account:

(2) "Applicant" means a person who is looking for work and are registered with the website first hand.

(3) "Employer" is lawfully registered company within the UK which is looking to hire an employee or is looking to establish other relationship with an individual connected to work and employment.